Heavy D – Nuttin’ But Love

Grand Puba?

This ones really got me thinking. Heavy D rapped like this a ton, so was Puba niceing his body of work this whole time?

The Now Rule/Mount Vernon connection gives this legs imo – Puba had a somewhat forgotten album out in 1988 so its likely they’d have been running through the same venues at the same time and had friends in common. Puba was on Dont Curse and fit very comfortably into Hev’s grown & sexy Uptown Records crowd, as effortlessly demonstrated here:

Theres Puba-isms like “next man”, the title pun is a dead giveaway, theres possible previous, could go on all day here but whos to say Puba even couldve hit a flow like Al Jarreau as good as the big fella, if given the chance? Only one rapper in 1994 could have convincingly rubbed elbows with runway models floating over central park and thats the overweight lover.

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