DJ Paul & Lord Infamous – Drop It Off Ya Ass

Lord Infamous?

Beloved as it is by a generation of soundcloud rappers and eastern europeans with dead blogspots, I was never that into most of Paul and Juicy’s ‘90s rapping. Especially Paul with his ol’ speaking clock here is my licence officer my wife and family will be a comfort to me in these trying times delivery. Producers and money men hogging the mic is cool if they had some charm but neither of them did right by the dozens of people they recorded with who could spit circles around them.

It could be the learning curve for that memphis split atoms between syllables flow was too high. At leadt back then, when punching in was more work than it was worth and before that style’s way too prolonged ubiquity made it so undaunting its used in army recruitment videos.

It could also just be that the geniuses around them set the bar way too high and the devils in the execution. Who cares who wrote what really, listen to basically any Project Pat song and try and count how many people could do the things he does with the same lyrics. Juicy was pretty solid for the most part and maybe he wrote for himself, who knows, but the absolute cheek of him thinking he could hold his own on here instead of just having his brother rap twice as long:

From about Chapter 2 to Unbreakables, they got their act together to where they no longer sounded like dead wood and by the ‘00s they were, very capably, the primary rappers in the group, along with Crunchy (who I’m sure wrote his own shit and always killed it, despite sounding like he was someone’s pissed up cousin who’d wandered in off the street, comparitively).  Its a shame all that talent didn’t get more time on their beats during that era but I’m sure Pauls laughing last now, as the only one of these people whos consistently made decent music since.

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