Lady Bee & Skinny Pimp – N***as Coming Clean

Skinny Pimp?

Following Positive K’s lead, this lad also felt the need to pitch up his voice and take work away from eligible women. I’m probably just a square who’s got the game back to front here but taking work away from women doesnt sound like a pimp’s job description at all, imvho.

He got so into the role playing he did a whole tape of his cartoon squirrel voice, with the exception of the above song and a few others by the irl Lady Bee, who existed. Some legend dug around a bit and filled in the blanks on her story here. 

I hope Kingpin Skinny Pimp was able to find contentment elsewhere after giving up on expressing this side of himself, maybe by hiring more women voices. Feeling a bit toxic rn after two posts in a row giving some man unsolicited credit, so I’d say check out “gimisum family”. He had a whole stable of males he wrote for and presumably paid fuck all.


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