The Hot Boys- Spit’N Game

Juvenile? (Wayne and Lil Derrick’s verses) BG? (Turk’s verse)

Trying to do this with Wayne is probably a waste of time. Baby clearly has a ton of dirt thats never surfaced so the Cash Money NDAs must be fairly solid w a few exceptions. The closest soundalikes and most credible whistle blowers hes had dont explain how the lyrics still sound better from Wayne (fair play whoever said this in that Scratch Magazine review of some Gillie tape round that time lol). Maybe a 16 yr old in 1999 wouldnt misattribute a Godfather quote to Andrew Dice Clay but in his mid 00s peak Wayne strictly referenced sports, other rap music and the kinda films n shows only a former child star whos never been off the road would be into. Starlito never got so high he could eat a star.

Waynes got a lot of songs. There appears to be a fairly natural progression in his style over his career. Rapping is his hobby, his house has a lobby. He’s either the biggest employer in rap history or its most prolific and accomplished mimic.  If you dont have time to deal with the Jae Millzes and Willie The Squids here is the man himself rapping for half an hour to burn out all his rhymebooks before he could embrace the trend of rappers pretending to make up songs on the spot:

He even goes off the domepiece a few times very competently in this. Always touching when he gets exited over local rap like he does with 6shot here.

Heres him as an older man:

Like its all a bit far fetched, imho.

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